Wyvern is a male Sand Wraith-Triple Stryke hybrid dragon, whose rider is Skylla Hawklins of the Blue Isle Dragon Riders.


Wyvern's past before Skylla is unknown, but when he was about 4 years old, he wandered into the trees behind the hut of Skylla Hawklyns. Skylla found him and took him in, calling him Wyvern. The two are the closest of friends, and Wyvern is undyingly loyal to his rider.

When Skylla turned 15, Wyvern being 14, he was kicked out alongside her. He took her flying far from the so-called home, and they stopped at the Blue Isle for a night's rest. This is when Ember Akasie and her Light Fury, Snowflake, found them.

Skylla became the second-in-command to the Blue Isle Dragon Rider group, and Wyvern loyally helped her in her newfound passion, rescuing dragons.


Wyvern is aggressive towards anyone who approaches his rider, she being the only one he trusts. He would defend her with his life. Though she trusts all of the Blue Isle Dragon Riders, he does not. He will do as Skylla tells him, but he remains cautious around all of the dragons and riders.


Wyvern's main scales are a shimmering golden color, and he has Triple-Stryke like stripes along his back that are black. He has one tail much like a Sand Wraith's, and his front legs are pincers. His head is much like a Triple Stryke's, but underneath his ear-like appendages are two spikes like that on a Sand Wraith's head. candidate for redesign, depends on how freaksihly ugly he looks if I get this version drawn.