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Skylla Hawlyns is a 15-year-old member of the Blue Isle Dragon Riders, second in command to Ember Akasie. 


Skylla was born by pure accident, and her parents resented her for that. They never let her forget that she wasn't wanted, that she shouldn't be alive. 

At the young age of five years old, Skylla was running away her screaming father, and she found an adolescent Sand Wraith-Triple Stryke hybrid, abandoned in the woods behind her hut. She took the young dragon in, calling him Wyvern.

This only gave her parents all the more reason to hate her, as they highly disliked dragons, but Skylla adored them.

Skylla always told herself that she was born for a reason, that it wasn't an accident, that Wyvern was born for her. She believed it to be her destiny to become a Dragon Rider.

The day that Skylla turned 15, her parents kicked her to the curb. She took Wyvern with her, and the two flew far away from their so-called 'home.' They stopped for a night's rest at the Blue Isle, where they were discovered by Ember Akasie.

Ember and Skylla got along quite well, and Ember gave Sky the opportunity to be her second-in-command of the Blue Isle Dragon Rider group. Skylla jumped at the chance, and together they began their journey, saving dragons and finding new riders.


Skylla is introverted and insecure, being constantly told that she wasn't good enough, that she's never live up to anything. She brushes it off, though and believes in her own abilities.

She is extremely loyal to Wyvern, her beloved dragon, and any friends she makes along the way. Though she is skittish, she can be very confident in her own decisions and is quick on her feet, and works well under pressure.


Skylla is a tall girl for her age, standing at 5'6". Her chocolatey-brown hair is short, cut to a pixie, her eyes a vibrant green-ish blue, and her skin tan.

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