"Well everyone says I'm really handsome and pretty, y'see, so I'm not sure what to believe anymore." -Shiver Shiver is a male Light Fury that is not set to any fan-fictions at the moment, and will only be an OC I have stocked up for now.

Physical Description[]

Shiver is a young adult male Light Fury, with a nimble and slightly muscular build. Unlike many other Light Furies, Shiver has those spikes on his head, as well as three extra chin nubs.

Every dragon around him would describe his eyes as the brightest blue, like the sky on a Summer's day, or the blue water from the chilling seas. Shiver's scales are a bright white, and his hues are a very striking blue color. Not only does he have more depth in color, but he also has a lot of speckled scales that causes his skin to look like glitter.

There are times that female Light Furies would rate him as extremely attractive, and everytime Shiver leaves his den in the Hidden World, there would be a ton of female Light Furies crowding around him as he flies to catch breakfast.


Shiver was told that he was hatched on the night of the brightest moon, which gave him his extraordinary looks and powers. Though Shiver does not believe much of that, he still wonders from time to time why he has these abilities and appearances.

At around the age of three, Shiver began to develop powers that were normal for his species, such as plasma blast, cloaking, and etc. But things changed when Shiver reached the age of four. He began to shoot, "Freezing plasma blasts," basically a normal plasma blast, except it was abnormal in color and felt like freezing you instead of burning. As well as that, Shiver was able to made the exterior of his body as cold as ice, making him hard to touch or stay with. Shiver can also use his ice to cloak, but it is slightly more visible than a normal Light Fury's cloaking.

When Shiver reached an older age, he was able to fully control these powers, but he had lost his normal plasma blast forever.


Though despite being beautiful and graceful on the outside, Shiver doesn't think much of his appearance. He is well aware of the fact that he is considered attractive, but he could care less about it. Shiver is pretty much any normal Light Fury, except for the fact that he can almost never be serious.

Being funny and sarcastic is just one of his qualities, and he also never takes dragons who rank themselves higher than others seriously, except for alphas such as Toothless.