The majority of this page was inspired by Esteria's and Eva's own OC pages. There will be minor spoilers for A New Hope and A Fading Star Will Rise Again below.


Serenity is a teenage Light Fury in the fanfiction A New Hope. She is the narrator of the story, it is told in a third person perspective but follows Serenity's view closely. The readers begin to see Serenity as a somewhat vain, close minded individual at the beginning of the narrative, but her character will be flushed out deeper as conflicts start to arise. The following sections will include spoilers for A New Hope, but only for the parts released to the public. If you regularly check the page, there won't be any troubles regarding spoiled information if you read ahead on this document.


Serenity's mother died when she was just a child, leaving  Daisy, her older sister, and Raite, her father, to look after her. Daisy and Serenity formed a close bond, which was hindered for a time when Raite abandoned the already-broken family. The two siblings were able to work through their differences and came out of it stronger. While Daisy does upset Serenity at times, she does love her sister more than anything else in her life.


Serenity has many strengths and flaws in her personality, some of which she falls back on at times, despite her best efforts. Towards the beginning of the story, she is naïve and hurtful to other dragons, her focus mainly attacking the New Night Furies. She seems to be vain and takes great pride in her appearance. Her flaws undergo changes when she meets new dragons and starts to gain insight on other dragons' lives.

Strengths and Abilities[]

  • Fire Power: Serenity is able to shoot a bright pink flame from her mouth and has decent accuracy, though she doesn't find a need to use this ability often.
  • Cloaking and Agility: As most Light Furies, Serenity can cloak herself by flying through one of her plasma blasts. This can hide her from predators, but, as with her fire abilities, she doesn't use it very much. She is adept at high speed flying and was able to catch Birdie mid-air, showing both agility and strength when it comes to high risk situations.
  • Intelligence: Despite her rather skittish and defensive demeanor, Serenity is rather intelligent. She is able to adapt quickly and will act with leadership when a situation calls for it, but she is generally close-minded if her brightness is not needed. 
  • Markings: While it's controversial whether it should be called an ability or not, Serenity's ruffles along her back flare up with a pink light when she's in a dangerous situation. The action is subconcious and it even startled Serenity, though she was able to realize it was just her marks and get her head back into the game.

Fears and Weaknesses[]

  • Athazagoraphobia: Or, the fear of being abandoned. Serenity herself isn't aware that she had the fear until Daisy pointed it out to her, it stems from her father leaving them in the past. Null mentions later that that could be why she is so quick to cling to people she can trust.
  • Oclophobia: Or, the fear of owls. It's an irrational fear that started when she was spooked by an owl's hoot while hunting. Serenity hasn't actually seen an owl and has only heard them talked about by others. She defends her fear when she mistakes Daisy's consern for her mental health as an accusation for being afraid, saying, "Owls have 360 degree vision, fly quieter than me, have feathers instead of scales, and are basically the dragons of the outside world. Plus, they throw up their food."
  • Vanity: Serenity is somewhat vain, as she takes time to clean her scales and make sure she looks presentable before going out in public. Much like her sister, she fusses over her looks when meeting or talking to a love interest.
  • Mangoes: Ah, yes, the mangoes. They're a trademark, really. In one of the opening scenes, Daisy teases Serenity about getting high on mangoes, and Serenity retorts embarrasedly. I have yet to write a scene where she does indeed get high on her favorite fruit, but it certainly is a weakness and can be used to bribe the adorable Light Fury to do anything.
  • Children: Serenity is super awkward around kids, often freezing up and feeling helpless. She wasn't able to have a parental figure as an example for how to treat kids, and often worries she'll make the same mistakes her own parents did, even if she's just asked to babysit for one day. She was able to muster up the courage to distract Birdie and give Nightfall and Esteria private time, and is actively trying to get better around kids.
  • Oblivious and Close-Minded: This pops up many times and is probably her biggest flaw, and it is actually the root cause of her initial descrimination against the New Night Furies and her tendancy to get heartbroken. Serenity remains stout in her opinions until someone is able to present facts that counter them, in which she will accept the facts and need a few days to process. She is very judgemental, but that is because of the trouble she has with empathising. She is able to get over that hinderance later on as her cahracter grows, but it seems to pop up when faced with people she loves; she can be blindsided because she believes the people she cares for can do no wrong. Oasis won her over after only a few minutes, and an hour after that she declared they were soul mates, without asking about his backstory or family. After Oasis' death, she is hesitant to form any other relationships, showing that she started to mature, but was also becoming overly cautious. Daisy, who Serenity always considered to be the smart one, told a heartbroken Serenity that she should get back out into the open, and Serenity, after being visited by Oasis in a dream, decides to move on. This is a growing spot in her character, but she seems to retreat back into the same problematic behavior when she falls heads over heels for Eddy, the handsome Tide Glider. 

Main Relationships[]


Daisy is Serenity's older sister and the dragon's role model. After their mom passed, the two siblings began to realize what family really meant and spent more time together. Their father's abandonment made Serenity and Daisy have a fall-out, with Serenity cutting their relationship off because she was afraid of being heartbroken again. Daisy's sweet persistence made Serenity rethink her decisions, and the two reconciled. When Daisy met Nitro, Serenity was jealous because she thought Nitro would take away the time the two sisters would spend together, but Daisy quickly made it apparent that Serenity was her priority, taking time to talk about her emotions and share updates about her pregnancy. A lot of Serenity's maturity was brought around because of Daisy, as she always acted like a mother figure to the Light Fury and taught her morals. Their relationship is shown to be strong, both of the girls were comfortable enough to talk about their worries together.

Raite and Lillian[]

While Serenity was too young to remember her mother well, she does carry around her father's rejection. It often comes to play in her fears or weaknesses, in a way shaping the dragon who she is. She'd describe her father as "stalky, handsome, lemon-eyed, and filled with brilliance." 


The cute Sand Wraith scared Serenity nearly to death, actually having to save her from drowning because she got spooked so badly while swimming. She hated him for caring so much about her, but his persistant kindness wore her down and she became smitten. The two became a couple, or, as Serenity likes to call it, a thing, and Serenity attempted to have Daisy and Oasis meet. This was cut short by the first cave collapse, though, and the three quickly flew to see what was happening. Oasis helped King Asazin save a winglet of unhatched Sand Wraith eggs, but was caught in the final nursery crumble. Serenity and Daisy got there too late, and Serenity shared a tearful goodbye with her boyfriend, who expressed his sympathies towards the heartache she was about to face.

(Queen) Esteria[]

Serenity was very judgmental of Esteria, and it took Esteria snapping at her to get some sense knocked into her head. Esteria was dealing with her father's death and Serenity began to realize just how great she was for leading the tribe, her annoyances about Night Furies vanished completely. Esteria asked Serenity to be her back-up Alpha, seeing that she wouldn't live forever and couldn't leave Nightfall alone to lead. She gave a speech about how Serenity was her best option, motivating the Light Fury to step up to the job. The two became colleagues and friends, soon trusting each other and maturing together. Serenity dealt with flashbacks when Esteria had to leave to scout out possible living areas, she was warring with the feelings that Esteria was doing the right thing but also wondering if she'd be left alone again. Daisy was able to step in, and Serenity finally felt at peace with her friend's mission. She looks up to Esteria and thinks about what she would do in a situation, encouraging herself to be like the Night Fury and help the tribe of dragons.

Nightfall and Nitro[]

Serenity views Nightfall with respect and can see that he's all for Esteria. She attempts to let them have alone time in order for their 'thing' to work out, and generally enjoys hanging out around the two. She suggests Nightfall instead of herself for leading the dragons, showing that she views his leadership skills as higher than her own, but soon realizes that working together is the best option.
Serenity was the reason Nitro and Daisy got together, she ended up blurting out Daisy's secret crush to the black Nadder. She was happy to find that he felt the same for her sister, and thus the two became a couple. After the act, though, she began to feel jealous as Daisy had trouble balancing family with her new boyfriend. Serenity came to respect Nitro's love for Daisy, and as her sister got better at juggling her time, Serenity grew to like Nitro as the brother-in-law that he was.

Birdie and Daybreak[]

Serenity is shown to like the two rambunctious kids, but she is very awkward when interacting with them.


Eddy ran into Serenity once before she learned his name, but the two didn't recognize each other the next time they met. Eddy is supportive of Serenity and doesn't pressure her into feeling a certain way, giving her time to process her thoughts and emotions while still being there for support. He brings flowers to her to decorate her cave and is always there for her to lean on.


Serenity met Null after the second cave-in. She was thrown off by the quirky dragon's mannerisms, such as him referring to everyone with a title. He helped remove a stone that was lodged in her foot, he got it out faster than his mentor could have, and Serenity was impressed by that. She hasn't seen him since their first interaction.


Serenity is a snowy white Light Fury and is described to have pink eyes and freckles. She keeps her scales clean and takes pride in her looks.