Polarr is a male Echoer who makes his first appearance in the fanfiction True Stars Never Fade. May include spoilers, read with caution.


At the young age of 5 years old, Polarr was found abandoned on an island by Phoebe, who took him in and raised him as her riding dragon. She manipulated him into bending to her every whim, and he watched her slaughter dragon after dragon before his very eyes.

One day, Phoebe was about to kill Nightfall after discovering that he was not who she thought he was, and Polarr overcame his fear of Phoebe and he attacked her. He knocked her to the ground and defended Nightfall, earning himself a scar in the center of his chest.

Polarr flew the paralyzed Nightfall back to the Hidden World, and he was welcomed with open arms by Queen Esteria


Polarr is introverted and shy, but when the time comes he can be extremely feisty and dangerous. He is smart and cunning, with quick reflexes and strong wings.


Polarr's underbelly is a pure white, minus the scar centered on his chest. His back is dark grey, and his wing tips fade from blue, to red, to orange, to yellow(left) or blue(right), to white. Along the center of his left wing are two thick, orange stripes, lined with white, with little white dots speckling them. Along his right wing, he has similar stripes but colored blue and white rather than orange.

The tips of his ear-like appendages are orange on the left and blue on the right. The extra long 'tails' attached to the flukes at the base of his tail are blue on the left and yellow on the right. He has white eyes, and lining his sides is a streak of glow, patterned as if it had white teeth in it, that fades from the head, starting with red, then orange, to yellow, then blue.

Dragon Relationships[]


Akiro is another male Echoer that Polarr met upon his arrival in the Hidden World, and the two become close friends. Polarr begins hinting at the idea that he is in love with Akiro near the end of TSNF.


After Polarr rescued Nightfall from Phoebe, Nightfall held respect for the Echoer. The two remain good friends.