pink pearl can become a human, cat or a dragon at will, but she can also turn into a kitsune fox when the full moon is out, as a kitsune she's carnation pink with 4 huge rounded wings like silkwing[1] wings, look in the infobox for the other 2



pink pearl is creative yet distant, she wants to prove wrong everyone that doubted her (so she's ambisious)


she is terrified of ghosts and others she's close to dying, she's also a bit jumpy with lightning

special abilities[]

since she's ruffrunner's daughter, she's an heir to the hidden world throne, so she can light up her sail, but it isn't blue like toothless's, instead, it's golden, she's also an animus


pink pearl was going to be killed the moment she hatched if her sister, black pearl, hadn't flown her and her other siblings out, when ruffrunner invaded the hidden world looking for them she and her many siblings were scattered around the world, white pearl ending up on mount olympous with apollo, brown pearl ending up with the dwarves, allowing him a strong (and eventually important) connection with bygula, golden pearl ending up with Yuhuang Dadi, and pink pearl ending up with humans, where she stayed for 8 years before being drawn back to the hidden world, then the real chaos started, white pearl revealed that ruffrunner was back at it and that pouncer was dead