Nightfall is a New Night Fury/Light Fury hybrid that appears in the fanfiction A Fading Star will Rise Again. This page may include spoilers, so if you are reading or plan to read the fanfiction, please avoid the sections labeled *spoilers!

Background *spoilers[]

Nightfall was born in the Shadows, a dark corner of the Hidden World. He is a hybrid between a new Night Fury and a Light Fury, giving him both black and white coloration. When he was only just two years old when Princess Esteria was born. He happened to be near the hatchery when she was still and egg and protected her egg from being snatched by a group of Night Terrors. This lead to him being trusted by the King and Queen, Asazin and Twila. They appointed him to the duty of protecting the young princess until she was old enough to defend herself. Years later, when Esteria became Queen, she gave him the job of being a co-alpha alongside Serenity while Esteria was gone scouting. 

Find more of his story in the fanfiction A Fading Star will Rise Again!


Nightfall is q quirky dragon who is very jumpy and cautious, and extremely loyal and protective. He would protect his friends, like Esteria or Kaiyō and of course his family, like Birdie, his beloved (and obnoxious) little sister. He does not believe himself to be much of a leader or a fighter, and is generally very self-consious, though he can be very tough when it comes to defending his loved ones.

Abilities/Strengths *spoilers[]


Nightfall has the blast of a Light Fury or a new Night Fury, meaning an explosive Plasma Charge.


Nightfall can see extremely well in the dark, having grown up in the Shadows.


Nightfall is very agile, especially when flying. He has quick reflexes and pinpoint accuracy, which only add to his strength in this factor.


Nightfall is extremely intelligent and a quick problem-solver, though of course he never admits this to himself.

Retractable Spines[]

Along each of Nightfall's sides he has a row of retractable and razor-sharp white spines. These can slice through many things with ease, including a dragon's scales. He can also retract them for a smoother figure.

Glowing Markings[]

When Eddy the Tide Glider once tried to kill Esteria, Nightfall faced off with him and ended up killing the tide glider. This showed his allegiance to the Queen and his undying urge to protect, and he therefore gained emerald-green glowing markings.



Nightfall is extremely insecure, constantly telling himself that he isn't good enough and that he's failed. This also adds to the factor that he is manipulated easily.

Easily Manipulated[]

As stated in the former section, Nightfall's insecurity often leads to him being easily manipulated by enemies. They may call him weak and useless, and he'll believe them.

Direct Sunlight[]

As any new Night Fury, Nightfall inherited the weakness of being effected by direct sunlight in a way that drains his energy and lowers his shot limit from 6 to 5.

Extreme Heat[]

Another weakness inherited from new Night Furies, Nightfall cannot stand extreme heat like fire and such. It has a similar effect to what Direct Sunlight does to him.


As most dragons, Nightfall has an irrational fear of eels, as they cause him to be extremely sick of eaten.


This is the fear of large masses of water, such as the ocean. Nightfall has an irrational fear of the ocean and such, mostly because his father died by drowning in the ocean. 

Main Dragon Relationships *spoilers[]

(Princess/Queen) Esteria[]

Nightfall saved Esteria's egg from being snatched by a group of Night Terrors when he was only two years old, and because of this he was appointed the job of guarding the young Princess until she could be trusted o defend herself. At first, this hatchling was angry that her parents left her with a bodyguard, but the two came to be close friends as they spent time together. When Esteria was three years old, making Nightfall five, she convinced him (or rather forced him) to go to the Blizzardous Terrain, a snowy area of the Hidden World to explore. While they were there, two Snow Wraiths attempted to ambush them, but young Esteria defended Nightfall with every last bit of fight she had in her. She fought of the Snow Wraiths and gained her titanwing form. After this, the two depended on each other for protection, and Nightfall began to grow feelings for the Princess, and he suspected that she felt the same.

Years later, after King Asazin was killed in the Sand Wraith hatchery collapse, Eddy and Esteria became a couple and Nightfall was extremely jealous. He suspected that Eddy did not have good intentions, and when the Tide Glider tried to murder Esteria, Nightfall ended up killing him and this brought Esteria and Nightfall together at last. Now they are a couple, King Nightfall and Queen Esteria. 


Birdie is Nightfall's obnoxious and mischevious little sister, and he adores her with his whole heart and would protect her with his life. But of course, she does often get on his nerves. (Okay not often- litterally ALL THE TIME)


Kaiyō is a Deep Flame who Nightfall was friends with since a very young age. Kaiyō tried to teach Nightfall not to be so scared and skittish, but only convinced Nightfall that he was weak and needed others to depend on. The two remain close and mature together, and when Esteria decides to forfeit the throne of Alpha, Nightfall nominates his friend and Kaiyō becomes a King.


Tempest is a Skrill who Nightfall met when he was ten years old, and he found that he and Tempest were the same age. Tempest was a dragon who made Nightfall feel a little less insecure, seeing how absolutely insane Tempest was. The two became fast friends though, and Nightfall trusted the skrill to protect his little sister.


Serenity is a Light Fury that Nightfall only saw here and there growing up, when he'd spend time with the Light Furies whenever his dad was anxious to see his own kind. Though when Esteria and Serenity became good friends, Nightfall got to know her a little better, and though they didn't always get along, they are pretty good friends now.


Daybreak is a Light Fury/Woolly Howl cross known as a Light Howl, who is also Birdie's best friend. Nightfall often feels he has to watch the two girls 24/7, as they are constantly getting into trouble.

Main Human Relationships *spoilers[]


Oliver was the human that managed to save Nightfall from the S.H.R.I.K.E. when he was captured. Nightfall reluctantly allowed the human to ride him as they followed Queen Esteria back to the Hidden World, where Lyra, the human girl had been taken. The two had to spend some time together, and seeing Esteria and Lyra get along so well made him curious about having a human rider. Oliver and Nightfall spent a lot of time together and eventually gained a bond, and are now closer than ever.


Lyra was Esteria's rider, and Nightfall met her when she and Esteria came to the Hidden World. He felt at first that he needed to save Esteria from the girl, having learned that humans aren't to be trusted. But Lyra ended up being kind enough to tend to one of Nightfall's wounds, and reluctant though he was, he trusted her with his best friend. The two became even closer after Nightfall and Oliver became dragon and rider, Nightfall noticing that Oliver like Lyra. He and Oliver spent a lot of time with Esteria and Lyra, and all four of them became close friends.


Ari was Birdie's rider, a young girl that fell in love with Nightfall's little sister. Nightfall learned of Birdie and Ari's dragon-and-rider relationship after he and Oliver became dragon-and-rider, though Birdie and Ari were best friends long before then.


Katie, or as Daybreak and Lyra call her, Kitty, was Daybreak's rider. Nightfall came to know the girl because she and her dragon spent a lot of time with Birdie and Ari, and she was Lyra's little sister.

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