WIP "HI HI HI HI HI HIIIIII! My name's Shagua! But it's a bit hard to pronounce so just call me Melon!" -Melon's introduction


Shagua, or better known as Melon, is a very tiny female Echoer with pale green scales and white stripe patterns. She is considered incredibly small, even amongst the dwarves, since she only weighs at around 1,200 lbs and has a wingspan of 25 ft. She is both smaller and weighs much less than the average Light Fury.

On top of being tiny, Melon has a very rounded body, not because she is under excercised but instead due to her general body shape. She appears to be very sphere-like and chubby when she crouches, giving her an even greater resemblance to a melon.

When Melon is flustered, embarrassed, or experiencing any strong emotions, the lights such as her horn tips, side markings, and wings will light up. The glow is generally a reddish pink, like the insides of a watermelon.


Melon is VERY dumb, and many things tend to go over her head. She spaces out easily and in general is very clumsy with her surroundings. She has been described on many occasions to be an idiot or overly obnoxious, since she clearly does not understand personal space.

She is a total airhead, with no sense of direction or any major goals in mind. In terms of life, Melon doesn't really care what happens, she just wants to live it happily without any interruptions.

Though, a kinder side of Melon could be seen, because despite being stupid, Melon is an extremely generous dragon with a kind heart. She is shown to be very social and always likes to meet new dragons, though sometimes she could be a little too trusting towards them. Whenever someone close to her is down (basically anyone she befriends) she will try her best to cheer them up.

On top of being kind and social, Melon is deathly loyal. She may be dumb, but she wouldn't betray her friends even if it risks her own life.

Though, you probably shouldn't trust her with your deep dark secrets, on that note, she's a freaking snake.