Kaiyō is a Deep Flame OC that belongs to Esteria the night fury, that appears in the fanfiction, A Fading Star will Rise Again. This page may include spoilers, so if you are reading or you plan to read the fanfiction, avoid the sections labeled "*spoilers."

Background *spoilers[]

Kaiyō was born and raised just like any other Deep Flame would be, in his pack under the rule of the Alpha. He was extremely loyal to the pack, but most of all, his brother, Akua. 

When Kaiyō was about 15 years old, his brother left the company of his pack to commit an unspeakable crime against the pack's rules. When Akua didn't return, they all assumed he was either killed or captured. Kaiyō was amidst grief, when he heard of how his pack would never accept Akua back into their ranks if he were to return. Kaiyō tried to stand up for his brother, but only ended up being kicked out of his pack and becoming known as an outcast.

Kaiyō spent all day training himself to become a better hunter, gathering all of the food he could scanvenge in order to keep himself alive. Though no matter his efforts, he was a weakened dragon without the aid of his pack. 

One day, King Asazin, Alpha of the Hidden World, found Kaiyō in his weakened state. Pitying the dragon, the Alpha took Kaiyō under his wing and aided the dragon back to health. 

While under the King's care, Kaiyō came to know his daughter, Esteria, quite well. And of course, Esteria and Nightfall were inseperable, so Kaiyō came to know the new Night Light as well. He and Nightfall became very close friends.

When King Asazin discovered how capable Kaiyō was when it came to hunting, he put Kaiyō into the ranks of one of the hunting groups for the hidden world. This group would leave the safety of their hidden home to go hunt for food for their home. Kaiyō was so brilliant, that after over a year of hunting for the King, he was promoted to hunting General, leader of this group.

Kaiyō was extremely loyal to his King, and was therefore devastated when he was killed in the first hatchery collapse. But nonetheless he held his position and served Queen Esteria just as he had Asazin. 

Esteria was so impressed by Kaiyō's ability to lead and his compassion for her kingdom, so much so that when being an Alpha became too much for her, she forfeited the throne to Kaiyō.


Kaiyō is very sarcastic when it came to being with his friends, though he is a very serious dragon when needed. He is extremely loyal to any of those he trusts, and a natural leader.


Greek Flame[]

Kaiyō, like any Deep Flame, has the ability to blast a unique kind of fire that can spread and burn underwater. It is extremely powerful both underwater and in air, but it can be put out by sand.

Bomb Stun[]

The Bomb Stun is a technique Kaiyō learned from his pack for hunting, where he curls into a ball in the air and falls at a hgih speed, stunning all fish within 20 feet of him.

Agility and Speed[]

Kaiyō is a powerful flyer as most Deep Flames, though he is much faster underwater, with a high speed of 7079 miles per hour. His streamlined shape allows him to be extremely agile, especially underwater.


Kaiyō's dark blue scales allow him to blend easily into water, as well as into the night sky. He is very quiet, and can therefore sneak up on prey or enemies easily.


As all Deep Flames are, Kaiyō is very intelligent. He has an impeccable memory and is great at understanding facial expressions and body language.


When traveling into the Abyss zone in the ocean, a glowing pattern appears on his back, allowing him to see clearly in the dark.

Teleportation Shot[]

This unique ability allows Kaiyō to suck prey into his mouth at such a high speed, it almost looks like it is teleporting.

Weaknesses and Fears[]

Exposed Neck[]

In battle, Kaiyō often uses his strongest blast, but in order to shoot his blast he leaves his neck exposed for attack.

Shedding Scales[]

For a few days after Kaiyō sheds his scales, his skin is very soft and it leaves him extremely vulnerable.


Kaiyō does not often dive very deep into the ocean, because his very thin wings could possibly be torn by the water pressure.


Xenophobia, also known as the fear of strangers, is one of Kaiyō's biggest fears. He worries that Akua, his brother, was dragon-knapped, leading to his own fear of being approached by those he doesn't know.

Deep Flame Packs[]

After becoming an outcast from his own pack, Kaiyō has a minor irrational fear of other Deep Flame packs. It's something he wishes he could get over, but he highly dislikes being around packs at all similar to his own.