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History []

Elka was hatched and raised by Kaya (her trainer) for the dragon training program in kaya's village though her village did have dragon problems they thought that they could have dragons help them with it. soon after Elka hatched Kaya started training wild dragons since her trainer was often busy Elka entertained herself by playing with a baby light fury named Luna that Kaya had rescued. one day when kaya was off raiding ships, Elka and Luna were captured by hunters, they decided that Elka was stronger because Elka fought back trying to bite them. so they slit luna's throat and tossed her into a river and made Elka watch her drown in her blood. Kaya soon came back to see a hunter ship leaving and Nightshade had pulled the body of Luna out of the river, so Kaya went and brutally murdered all of the hunters and earned the trust of a Titan skrill and a razor whip. A little later in Elka's life she met a male sand wraith namedCopper, at first she wanted nothing to do with him but after he brought her a red rose the two soon became close and eventually they became mates. she moved to the hidden world, and unwillingly became the matriarch/queen of the hidden world.


Elka is ruff around the edges, she likes to keep up a tough exterior when she is afraid of something, extremely loyal, stubborn and insecure, she is proud, but also sometimes sweet.



Elka shoots nitrogen in its solid-state when it comes into contact with another dragon the warmer surface makes is explode into its liquid form and freeze/shatter anything it touches. These blasts are highly fatal at full force but she can decide how cold/powerful she wants her blast to be, blast strength can go from lethal to cold mist.


Elka has amazing vision, being a wooly howl she has to ride storms and blizzards while seeking out prey from above in extreme visibility conditions, but this also hints to her having some other type of sight beyond the color spectrum that we see, but this ability is unknown and unconfirmed.


Elka is fairly strong, she can carry her weight and has powerful leg muscles for climbing, these developed because wooly howls are native to craggy mountains and cliffsides, her wings are also powerful enough to use them as climbing holds or to volt themselves up a high ledge that they can't reach normally. she has strong claws to prevent slipping on ice or snow.


Elka has good stamina, but she cannot make a marathon out of a foot race, which means she is fast but not over long distances. her body structure is meant for her to go fast riding the wind so minimal effort can be used while flying but without a storm to ride she can not go farther than 20 miles by herself without resting. 


Elka is amazingly agile and quick. being able to navigate wind currents without hitting a headwind, she has also demonstrated being able to weave through a dense forest at high speeds pursuing Nightrunner (male black speed stinger with red fins stinger and white underbelly). she has also avoided arrows and bolas in midair but like any normal dragon, she was not always successful in dodging them. even with her extreme agility Elka is still a dragon and like any (none Mary Sue) dragon she makes mistakes in judgment timing and speed.   


Elka is one of the most intelligent dragons out there, being from an already smart species and learning as she goes on adventures she can associate different things with an experience she has had with them and she can poorly drawn pictures as well as take signal commands from her trainer. she can also figure out alternate solutions to problems as well as figure out how to get to and get into certain places/ objects. EX: a cookie jar.


as much as I love mah girl she is not stealthy. her bright purple and blue stands out against.... anything. the only time she can be hard to find would be at dawn or in the hidden world when everything is so bright and all the colors of the rainbow. other than color Elka is fairly light on her feet and has silent flight due to fine fur covering her wings so if you can't see her she has the upper hand.

cellular 'glitch' (Spoilers)[]

Elka has this 'glitch' in some of her cells, she can release all six of her charges in one blast it takes forever to recharge though when this happens the pigments in some of her cells react to the cold fire, they become 'excited' and reflect different light as a matter of keeping her warm and they start to glow silver, both of the things I just mentioned are defects and she has had these since hatching. funny enough only the teal pigments of her scales turn silver, not her entire body. some may think of this as an 'alpha mode?' but it is a pigment glitch. this glitch was induced by her linage, she is a hybrid/ cross between aRot_ripper  and a blight fury. that also explains her horns from hatching and pigment glitch.

Anger attributes[]

whenever she gets angry her fur stands on end and her cell glitch fires up  ( glitch shown in the infobox image) Vanity[1]Elka can be pretty vain sometimes but she is not one to sit on the sidelines and clean herself. she has only been known to groom when she's bored or nervous. she also does it to look composed when she did something stupid or looked undignified.

reaction to fear[2][]

Elka reacts to fear by making herself look more powerful or by lashing out. she becomes more aggressive and unpredictable. when she is scared better stay away because she is going to protect herself and those she loves at any cost.

Alpha abilities *spoilers*[3][]

Elka became the alpha or queen of the Hidden world by getting pushed by the light fury. she didn't want to but it was a joke gone too far. Light Fury pushed her up after Toothless made his display and Elka was peer pressured into becoming the queen. she always thought of her power as an accident, that never was supposed to happen. Toothless always scolded her for neglecting her duties but that never made Elka do anything for them. she thought of herself as a normal dragon and she wasn't about to change to being alpha. later she discovered that she is where she was always meant to be. she was the daughter of Nyra, the past queen of the hidden world. Elka was a little more willing of her alpha control after she found out the truth. after she fought Neberu she became the true queen of the hidden world, she learned how to use it correctly and responsibly. she became a legend of the hidden world her story living on forever.

powers' *spoilers*[4][]

Elka used to have a ton of power at her hand, but after her death, she lost it all and now lives life as a normal dragon, other than her silver markings and her occasionally glowing eyes she can't set herself on fire anymore. she spent all of her powers in the battle with Neberu and died from it when Nyra brought her back to  life she no longer possessed the power she once had, she was kind of relieved about that, not wanting to be super powerful.


Elka is scared of eels like most dragons but she also has social anxiety. and cannot swim well. another major problem for her is overheating and heatstroke, while she is 'fireproof' fire overheats her, she cannot stay in a very warm environment for too long for risk of passing out. she has a creeping fear of anything neon green, especially when she's alone she has been known to shoot first when something neon green is in the room. she has the wrong kind of trust issues, as in she needs all the help she can get so she accepts any new dragon into her friend group regardless of who they are, they'd have to look like a creep show for her to not trust them, humans are another story.

 main dragon relationships[]

  • Light fury: Elka and the Light fury are good friends, though they sometimes argue they like to and will protect each other and build the other to the best they can be. well, that was until she lost her will to Neberu (see hearts of shadow: Nightmare) and tried repeatedly to kill Copper.
  • Toothless: upon meeting Toothless was outwardly hostile towards Elka, Elka did not like this so she acted aggressively to him, for a while the two couldn't be in the same room without growling and hissing, at one point Toothless was shot down by Viggo and Elka saved him and hiccup and they put thier feud aside from that point on becoming good friends.
  • Nightshade: Nightshade is considerably older than Elka but due to dragon aging rates she is only 10 years older, when Elka was little Nightshade acted as her mother figure. they've been through rough times and their bond remains intact.
  • Scarlette: Scarlette (Scar for short) is one of Elka's friends. she is kinda snarky and laughs at other's misfortune, she is a common 'criminal' and is constantly on high alert. she has a dark sense of humor and is still one of Elka's closest friends.
  • Thunder: Thunder and Elka are pretty close. they argue a TON and barely ever agree. despite their differences they have learned to come to terms with each other's views of the world and their personalities. Elka usually tells Thunder to do something and she does it. but aside from these spats that they have sometimes they have a pretty harmonious relationship.
  • Vera: Vera and Elka are friends, they have been together their entire lives. and understand each other to a point... but whilst Elka is rough around the edges Vera is just rough. they have been fighting alongside each other for as long as they can remember.  
  • Copper: Copper is Elka's mate. upon first meeting, Elka didn't trust him at all. if he got too close to her she'd shoot him a glare or growl at him. Elka made sure he knew his standing with her even though he completely ignored it. he attempted to impress her multiple times and she tried to knock the sense into him with her tail, long story short it didn't work. eventually her favorite white rose bush died and he had replaced it with a brand new one. this time she was impressed and they were in a relationship. they have endured many things together including hunters, another male trying to get Elka's attention, and dead friends. through it all they remained strong and supported each other and they will stay together till' the end.
  • Flint: Flint is Elka's older brother, even though he is dead the two share a tight bond. Flint may not be the smartest dragon in the world but he cares very deeply for Elka's well being, he'd do anything to help her even getting back her mate when he left. Flint loves to cheer up Elka and make sure she's happy and Elka looks up to least to a point sometimes she has to take his opinion with a grain of salt.
  • Saber: Saber is younger than Flint but older than Elka. he likes to chill with her and annoy the crap out of her and everyone else. he is VASTLY different from his brother, he's much smarter but has a dark sense of humor and likes to let Elka do things he'd never do himself. he is very to the point with Elka and tells it like it is. they do love each other even though he REALLY annoys her sometimes.
  • Reed: Reed is a Sand Wraith and the first 'enemy' Elka ever made, he knocked her out and pretended her saved her life so she might love her. spoiler alert, she didn't want him. he got angry but never stopped loving her. he knows how to hurt her without leaving a mark and that's what scares her the most about him. Elka is terrified of him and she will freeze when she sees him.


  • Elka likes white roses because they remind her of Luna, her dead Light Fury friend
  • Elka likes to chase fire flys, she never learns that they taste bad and continues to try to catch them... wait that's the definition of psycho, repeating the same thing, again and again, thinking that there's gonna be different results....hmmmmm... 
  • if she had a theme song it'd be 'Legends Never Die' by League of Legends,